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  • Dianne Gagne

The Drive-Up System: An Essential Convenience

What steps are you taking to prepare for increased drive-up volume?

Drive-up service has reached a boom during the pandemic that is likely to hang around for the long term. A widely embraced concept for fast food, pharmacy, grocery, big box stores, restaurants, and banks. Many brick-and-mortar businesses offer drive through or curbside service. Drive up offers a unique level of convenience for consumers who do not have the means or time to go inside. Since the pandemic, drive-ups have become a highly utilized concept to minimize contact for personnel and consumers. More companies are investing in dynamic systems using high tech solutions to provide an even more effective way to help customers.

Where do fish keep their money?

In a riverbank!

Before 2020, FI clients chose drive-up to handle one or two small,

quick transactions. Banking customers who require teller assistance for

larger, more complex transactions would be invited into the branch to avoid holding up the line outside. Now, many consumers remain in their vehicle to transact all business.

Drive-up service has become, an essential convenience due to branches

locking the doors and creating an appointment queue system for walk in

services. The ability to avoid direct contact is enough to attract clients to remain in the vehicle, even at FI offices that have unlocked their doors and returned to extended business hours.

Remember when the drive-up drawer was being phased out? In the recent past, the drive up/walk up drawer concept was looked over for a sleek ATM or ITM at many institution’s new branch builds. Drive up and walk-up drawers were getting ripped out and replaced with ATMs all over the country. Now, institutions are revisiting the drawer in the same lane shared by the ATM/ITM, or in the vestibule and entry as a walk-up solution. Some advantages are sanitary face to face interaction, security, and comfort for clients and bankers alike.

What do you call a horse with money in the Bank?

Financially stable!

It is imperative that these systems provide reliable operation for the long term. Weather-proof, with video and audio functionality, upgraded tube systems add value to modernize the drive up. Including multiple call/send buttons at differing heights, these customer facing units are designed to serve efficiently for all vehicles. Smart updates and engineering provide high-tech efficiencies for a sleek solution.

Did you know that drive up systems are available in the catalogue of services from New England Money Handling Systems? This is not another Dad Joke like the fish and the horse. New England Money offers dependable support and equipment from multiple partners from the very best reviewed companies. All services for tubes, drawers, and ATM/ITM needs, our knowledgeable team helps you with ideas and planning to execution and maintenance. Our experience and expertise create a total package to tackle your next project successfully and on time. Need more carriers because the canister broke or drove away in the client’s vehicle? Replacements can be provided quickly to keep operations moving. Our professionals will be happy to help anytime!

Please reach out for more info: (508)435-4022 Ext. 4 or


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