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NCR Interactive Teller

NCR pioneered ITM technology nearly a decade ago, and as their premier partner in the area, New England Money has been instrumental in evolving the solution from the early adopter phase, to a well developed, high value channel.
Through years of deploying ITMs across our footprint, New England Money has gleaned valuable insights from our partner banks and credit unions as to the best applications of this technology.

 Successful ITM Deployment Strategies


It has been proven time and again that drive-up transactions are faster with the Interactive Teller platform than in traditional settings     (2-4 mins vs 6-9 mins). When an island AIT (Automated Interactive Teller) replaces a traditional pneumatic drive-up, you can have fewer tellers providing better service across multiple branches.

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In-lobby ITM placement requires full commitment. The ITMs will be the primary transaction channel with no obvious teller line alternative. This drives 100% of the traffic to the ITMs and allows branch staff to serve a supporting role while offering additional products and services.



Extended Hours

Extend your hours by having your Interactive Teller open before or after your current branch hours.  Alternatively, reduce your branch hours and serve your clients with Video Tellers during those reduced periods, with no reduction in services to your customers or members. 

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Variants for All Environments and Applications
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What can you expect from NCR Interactive Teller?
NCR Interactive Teller

NCR Interactive Teller

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