Glory RBG-100 Currency Recycler

Improve the accuracy, efficiency and security of your teller line

The Next Generation in Branch Automation

The RBG-100 Teller Currency Recycler provides currency recycling to two tellers with increased security speed and ease. Glory’s newest innovation in cost-saving automation for branches, the RBG-100 recycler dispenses, accepts, sorts by denomination, and stores currency from a single source. Additional tellers can also access the Vault Buy/Sell function providing fast, easy, and accurate balancing to your entire branch.

Productivity increases immediately. The RBG-100 Cash Recycler provides cash optimization and cross-selling opportunities. Teller differences are quickly reduced. The amount of cash previously needed for numerous tellers is reduced, so the overall cash level in the branch is less. Don’t get caught paying for cross-shipments; recycle the cash you have.