Glory TellerInfinity

Recent studies report that branches are expensive, overstaffed, too large, too plentiful, and designed primarily as transaction centers. At the same time, branches remain a critical part of your total retail delivery strategy as they become a network of scalable service centers more highly automated and staffed by universal bankers. So how do financial institutions achieve a balance between effective, personalized in-branch service and efficient transaction delivery?

At Glory, we believe the answer to this important question lies in providing customers with choices. How clients choose to interact with your institution when they visit your branches should be a flexible balance of technology and your most important asset: your people.

By offering an expanded range of transaction capability along with staff transaction monitoring capability, Glory’s TellerInfinity provides that level of balance between advanced technology and personal touch.

In order to improve efficiency, it is a not-so-simple matter of reducing your cost to serve while also increasing your
revenue. Lobby kiosks can certainly help with the cost reduction challenge, but may not offer the best approach to
relationship-building and revenue increasing sales initiatives.

TellerInfinity is designed from the start to be a full function, assisted self service device. This means it can be full
self-service for customers who prefer that approach. For others, who want or need personal assistance or interaction
with a ‘live’ staff member, that option is always available as well.

Branches become an optimized mix of automation and staff ready, willing and able to provide that personal touch for
those who visit your branches. Customers are given a choice of how to conduct transactions and perceive an elevated
level of service rather than a disappointing “do-it-yourself” directive. By providing choices, your customers perceive
that you are offering more, not less.